Still time to register for the NSN Virtual Conference & Festival.  See Jeff Gere’s overview for Thursday in the post below.


Also, go to the auction site when it arrives and buy things, bid on things.  Kate Dudding is doing a bang up job on it. 

By the way, I heard we have over 500 people registering for different workshops, performances, and packages for the whole conference.  See below for Jeff’s overview of Thursday. This is an incredible opportunity to learn while at home. I am amazed at how much more I can get at these online events.

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Thursday   June 4 ...(Day 5 of our NSN


I know, I know, you've heard enough from Jeff



10 am  Tales from INDONESIA 

Ariyo Zidni is a young pioneer mixing storytelling & social activism. He's insisted on building & empowering a huge number of community storytelling groups & celebrations across Java. During the Ache earthquake, he drove there repeatedly with books. His tour included a 'freeway library' show in a poor section of Jakarta- parents built it using the freeway underpass area. Yes, he got them books. Bie is a young filmmaker with signature round glasses, Rona is a young sing/teller in Jojakarta- excellent! Once in Thailand, I saw this Balinese father/son act bring a house of 500 to tears. I still tell that story. Yes, I’ve seen 'em before & I'll not miss them tomorrow! 

noon Podcast for Storytellers (Raymond Christian)

3 pm  Baba the Storyteller: Mastering the Craft in Age of Tech

5 pm

7 pm  Mid- Atlantic Region Showcase (Rachel Harrington)

9 pm  Storytellers of AUSTRALIA 

Christine Carlton is the Story Queen of Oz. She came to Fremont last year & was a finalist in the Story Slam. Two others in this group were in Fremont last summer too: Anne E Stewart, the Queen Mother of the gayest town in Oz, and Lilli Pang, who started her own story festival this year... in time for the virus! I see Australian ghost tales, and friends Kiran Shah & Jenni Cargill-Strong. YES! These are the BEST!


Don't forget to invite a friend.

I've heard enough about the

doom of NSN. Do something.

We still have 4 days of Conference

LEFT... 3 after Thursday (as long as

most conferences in BC times (before Covid)

and also access to the recordings...


I'm going to buy a Lifetime Membership.


See you in the Zoom Rooms.

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jeff Gere



 All packages of $300 get to view all recordings of the Conference for two weeks in a row.


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